portrait founder Le 8 Petion

Hi, my name is Bérengère !

My experience working 20 years in real estate showed me how important  issues of space and availability  can be.

I felt that creating a place for people with varied activities to meet, where it would be possible to alternate activities, exchange and share would really answer a need for me and like minded people .

So here it is, Le 8 Petion!

Le 8 Petion is a cosy, original, well equipped rental space that changes with the needs of tenants. I thought of it a bit like the missing room in an apartment or office. A place that we need on the spur of the moment.

There is a lot going on at 8 Petion.  Gatherings, professional meetings, yearly owner and tenant meetings,  training courses, ephemeral shops, exhibitions, workshops for adults and children, afternoon tea, …

The variety is a source of pleasure for me and  I make every effort for the  the room to be adapted  to the needs of each. This is the reason why I imagined a neutral place intended to highlight those who come rather than the space itself.

I particularly like the idea of ​​a space implanted  in the heart of its neighborhood and open to the world, where everyone can work, relax, laugh, exchange, see, understand, in brief live together and I am delighted with the rich relationships which have developed between us all  thanks to  the  8 Petion!

Any question, contact me !

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