An area dedicated to the ephemeral for artistic and commercial expression

Your space of artistic and commercial expression dedicated to the ephemeral!

You are looking for a space in a lively area, Le 8 Petion is ideal for all kinds of events: Showroom, private sales space, product launch, ephemeral boutique, art gallery.

The overall exhibition space is 28sqm with stockage space in the  basement.

The variety is a source of pleasure and  we make every effort for the  the room to be adapted  to the needs of each. This is the reason why we imagined a neutral place intended to highlight those who come rather than the space itself. A flexible, warm and friendly meeting room!

You are wondering about an ephemeral boutique/pop shop

5 good reasons to convince you to choose our space dedicated to ephemeral :

  • You commercialise products on line and a direct contact with clients is lacking
  • Your products appeal to the five senses, you want  people to be able to discover  textures, perfumes, tastes and colours
  • You are at the stage of market research and you want to discover consumer reactions
  • Your creations are ideal as presents and the festive period is an ideal time to display them
  • You have a limited budget and prefer to limit outgoings

In answer to all these needs the 8 Petion provides you with an adaptable and fully equipped space.

We have 28 sqm and capacity for up to 50 people, ideal to display your creations.  We  provide: Tables, chairs, gallery space and fittings, trestles, clothes racks, WIFI and paper boards.


« I was delighted to be able to organize an event in this place which brings together many advantages: very good location, functionality, exemplary cleanliness, clarity, good atmosphere and above all an excellent welcome and an organization in fluidity, great professionalism ally of humanity with the hostess: bravo and thank you Bérengère !!! » Sarah

« A nugget! I highly recommend !!! The place is particularly well equipped and is very functional! I quickly took my marks, and my installation was simple and quick. Thank you Bérengère, you have thought of everything! » Audrey

« I have been in this place as a participant in workshops and several events, but also as a user of the place and everything is done to make you feel at home. Bérengère responds quickly to emails and makes herself available to visit the place and welcome you in the best conditions. I did yoga, a snack there and I gave a theater workshop. The space is very suitable for a group of 10 for theater. It is possible to regulate the light. The place is very flexible » Julie

« I met Le 8 petion through a friend I was looking for a place to organize ephemeral shops for my jewelry sales but also my workshop events. She advised me to contact Berengere the owner of the place. We made an appointment in the room as I walked through the door I knew that was where I wanted to make my first ephemeral shop. Berengere and his team are there for you to be good, as at home they reserve a warm and caring welcome. The layout of the room is made in such a way that it adapts to all types of events. Do not hesitate if you are looking for a place for your events you will not be on it. » Carinne

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